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Modern Spa Furniture,Wooden Massage Table 

Modern Spa Furniture, Wooden Massage Tables

We can supply the massager sediments that we manufacture at economical prices as demountable. we offer our masseurs the use of all color options of the massage table, which is easy to install and use.
Massage bed which is produced from wooden material is very easy to move and install, 250 kg massage table with carrying capacity, 2 open and close lids and shelf inside the compartment.
Massage beds we have wholesale and retail sales will be priced according to the number of pieces in the requests.
Width: 70 cm
Height: 77 cm
Length: 195 cm
Ahşap Spa Masaj Masası Üretimden Satış Fiyatları 05302865343
Ekonomik fiyatlara üretimini yaptığımız masaj sedyelerini demonte olarak temin edebilirsiniz. kurulumu ve kullanımı kolay olan masaj masasının tüm renk seçenekleri ile masörlerimizin kullanımına sunmaktayız.
Toptan ve perakende satışını yaptığımız masaj yataklarını taleplerde adet sayısına göre fiyatlandırma yapılacaktır.
Ahşap malzemeden üretilen masaj yatağını taşınması ve kurulumu çok kolaydır, 250 kg taşıma kapasiteli masaj masası 2 adet açılıp kapanan kapak ve iç kısımda raf bölmesi mevcuttur.
massage table
Massage Room Features and Hygiene
Alanda should give importance to presentation of work done no matter how successful it is and should pay attention to physical condition and cleanliness of working environment by considering customer's comfort and health condition. Otherwise, the trust of the customer is lost.
Prepare the massage room according to the hygiene rules.
- Use hides, sheets and clean.
- Throw the covers, the linens you use.
- Use separate sheets and covers for each incoming customer.
Sleep with hygiene rules.
- The surface of the massage room is swamped.
- Wipe the surface of the massage chamber with soapy water.
- Disinfect the surface of the massage room.
- We often ventilate the massage room.
- Use light room smells.
- You provide a relaxing lighting.
Take care that the light does not come to light.
- Do not set the heat of the massage room to work, to overwhelm or chill your customer.
Set at 20 ° C to 22 ° C.
You should make sure that the oven is at a constant temperature.
- Use the massage table, screen, clothes hanger, towel and bed linen in the massage room as required.
- Make sure you have a shower and a sink if possible.
Make sure the massage room is noiseless.
- Make a light volume soundtrack to relax.
At your desk, have pillows to support the back, neck, feet, and so on.
- Prepare the support pillows in different sizes.
- Take care that the pillow faces are easy to clean.
- Adjust the height of the massage table to suit your work.
Set the width of the table so that you can easily work on both sides.
- Make sure that the massage table has a non-soft covering setting so that you can apply it during massage and the press can achieve its purpose.
You have plenty of clean sheets.
- Use the small towels to close the areas that will not be processed
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Tel : 0216 405 25 25 / 0216 405 25 45
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