Wooden Spa Massage Beds

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Wooden Spa Massage Beds

Spa, skin care, massage salon, wax bed, gym and similar areas used on massage, application, manual therapy, reflexology, disassembled stretcher is recommended to you.

Please note that the comfort and convenience provided by the massage tables will give you a return as customer satisfaction.

As a result of our experience with the demounted bed we have produced for many years, the masseur and masseuse have been carefully and carefully designed to get the highest performance from the massage table.

* Issues to be considered when requesting a massage table?
The sound quality of the massage bed, sound or squeaking, the wood used, the quality of gray sponge and vinyl leather and the concept of the product you choose is very important.

* The space and massage bed concept must be compatible.
The color harmony of the place where the wood and leather color options of the massage stretcher will be used is very important for the environment.

* Size selection of massage bed size
Bedding can be narrow or wide during application to your guest or customer.

* Based on years of experience we are trying to offer you the best product, the satisfaction of our customers is increasing our working and production.

Breathing holes are available for customers to relax and breathe comfortably on the face.

Massage oil and towel rack at the bottom of the massage table.

Deformations occur in the skin after incorrect use or after a long time, in such cases, you will face the economical price for the face change of the massage table you have taken from our medical store store.

Standard massage table dimensions Width: 65 x Height: 70 x Length 185 cm.

Price changes in special sizes and colors are applied, you should have a meeting with Mehmet Söyler, one of our employees, for detail and timing.

7/24/365 we are dedicated to produce and serve you.

You can reach our valued customers as close to a phone as a fixed phone, mobile phones can reach.
If you want to visit our company, you have the opportunity to see and examine the products closely.

Disassembly of the spa massage table that you have ordered and ordered will give you an economic gain in terms of salary and space.

Installation and shipping in Istanbul belongs to our company.
Cargo delivery of standard massage table is 80 x 30 x 200 cm.
MNG Cargo shipments are made, if the cargo product is sent to the province, district, if you take yourself from the branches in the village, you pay less shipping costs.
Shipping or shipping companies have high shipping charges in mobile areas.

We sell massage oil, stretcher cover, towel, loincloth, interlining slipper, cold lipolysis membrane and similar consumable group from consumables used in massage parlor.

Please contact our company for product order.
You can get detailed information about the product by calling our company from fixed numbers.
Fixed Tel: +902164052525 - +902164052545
Our customers with Android or iOS software have social media to friends who work in the sales department
Whatsapp, +905302865343 - +905323779307
instagram, https://www.instagram.com/evtipihastayataklari/
Linkedin, https://www.linkedin.com/in/mehmet-s%C3%B6yler-922391113/
Twitter, https://twitter.com/hizlimedikal
Skype, live:
Facebook, https://www.facebook.com/masajmasasimedikalblog/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7O124eoC4kU and so on.

Wooden Spa Massage Bed Russia 7/24 // 365 Mobile Phone: +905302865343 - +905323779307

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Authorized: Mehmet SÖYLER
Fetih Mah. Somuncu Baba Sok. No: 53 / B Ataşehir-İSTANBUL
Tel: +902164052525 / +902164052545
Gsm: +905302865343
Mail: hizlimedikal@gmail.com

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